Who are our guests

One thing we love about our job is the diversity of people who travel with us, each of whom arrives with his or her unique set of interests and motivations. Nonetheless, over time we have identified certain characteristics that our visitors tend to have in common: 
  • They love the outdoors and physical activity. They aren’t necessarily athletes, but they prefer exploring and working up a sweat to staying in a hotel room watching television.
  • They don’t stick to guidebooks and traditional tourist activities – they look for trips that meet their personal interests and needs.
  • They are interested in the history and culture of Nicaragua. They like to talk to people, try new food, etc. They appreciate the hospitality of the families that they meet and they enjoy the special moments that come from something as simple as sharing a few photos.
  • They enjoy cultural immersion are open to people whose beliefs, thoughts, preferences, or customs are different from theirs. They enjoy the experience of learning about people different from themselves.
  • They are looking for a chance to see the real Nicaragua; luxury is irrelevant when compared to living a real and authentic experience.
  • They take part in environmental conservation by following the instructions and suggestions of our guides and the guidelines for the different places we visit.
  • Regardless of age, they are always ready to have fun and enjoy their time here in the land of lakes, mountains, and volcanoes.