When to Travel?

It's impossible to generalize about the best date to travel to Nicaragua, since at any given time of year you could have the opportunity to enjoy a variety of destinations, activities, and nature.  If you have the liberty to choose the time of year to visit Nicaragua, then the best thing to do is consider the activities that interest you, since being part of the tropics, the sun shines year-round and the temperature does not vary greatly from one season to the next.
When considering the activities you wish to participate in to give you the opportunity to enjoy to the fullest your experience, your decision may or may not be influenced by the date or season.  Coffee production and harvest season is between October and February.  There are seven massive turtle arrivals between July and January, but there too many factors to predict the exact day the turtles will arrive.  If you just want to visit the beach,  it's hard to go wrong almost any time of year, keeping in mind that September and October tend to be more rainy, and December and January tend to be a bit cooler.
Although there's always a slight chance of showers, most outdoor activities can be carried out without interruption. In fact, a little rain can be quite refreshing in the warm climate of the tropics.  The greenest and freshest time of year is the rainy season between July and November.
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Useful climate details:
The rainy season starts in May and ends in October, September and October being the rainiest months.
Dry season starts in November and ends in April.
Although November, December, and January are part of the dry season, there's always a chance of showers, particularly in the northern, central, and Caribbean regions.