Testimonials and Publications

By our clients


Matagalpa Tours staff is wonderful to work with; each person is accommodating in every possible way. They listen carefully to the needs of the group and are willing to go out of their way to meet them. They even provided us with a home cooked meal (delicious)!. The guides are familiar with the country and able to answer a wide variety of questions. The drivers are competent and safe on challenging roads. I appreciated most the opportunity to experience Nicaraguan life in the homes of people in the countryside.
I leaned so mucho about Nicaragua culture and history and about the struggle of people to survive. I would encourage anyone interested in an “off-the-beaten-path” journey to travel with Matagalpa Tours. You will see things and meet people you will never find on the ordinary tourist route.
Maureen Casey
International Project Coordinator
Labor-Religion Coalition of New York State


"Matagalpa Tours is one of few travel outlets that is both socially responsible and community-based. The staff are highly professional and personable, and unlike many activist organizations, they are not only resourceful and knowledgeable, but they are also very organized and punctual. The genuine compassion of the staff and the broader team is one that has touched my heart. They are not there for the money; it is about the community and changing the world for the better! ... I again learned that sustainable development is the only way forward".
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Publications about Matagalpa Tours
By guide books, webs and others


“Matagalpa Tours is a guide service, travel agent, and backcountry outfitter, run by a Dutch expat and his Nicaragua wife, who manages their on-site Spanish language school. Let them arrange a variety of packages, shuttle service from Granada, homestays, Bosawàs treks, coffee plantation tours, and community tourism. Anywhere from $15 per day to $60 per day depending on the extent. Arien has explored, hiked, and camped throughout the Matagalpan countryside and has even drawn a number of trail maps. The Bosawàs tours are major wilderness excursions that need to be arranged long in advance. Granada shuttles cost $25 per person.”
Moon Handbooks: Nicaragua, September 2008. pg.236


“Matagalpa Tours are an excellent source of information, with a thorough knowledge of the city and the surrounding mountains; they speak Dutch and English.” Footprint: Nicaragua, June 2008. pg.234
“This reputable agency runs tours to the north and further afield. Trekking, hiking, birdwatching and rural community tours are among their well-established repertoire. Dutch and English-speaking, helpful and friendly. The best agency in town – for all your adventuring needs. Highly recommended.”. "They offer a range of packages, from hourly tuition to intensive courses of 30 hrs per week. There are options for family homestay, voluntary work and cultural tours. Classes are one-to-one, grammar and exercise books provided"
Footprint: Nicaragua, June 2008. pg.242-243


“Matagalpa Tours does rural community tourism, and takes you to tiny towns (perhaps on mountain bikes), such as the indigenous community of El Chile, known for its beautiful fabric arts. Among other offerings, it arranges one- to six-day guided hikes through the mountains, gold-mine tours (US$25 per person) and a Matagalpa City Tour (US$16); it has English- or Dutch- speaking guides, too. Spanish lessons are also offered.”
Lonely Planet: Nicaragua & El Salvador, October 2006. Pg.209


"As of January 2009, I will have led three study tours to Nicaragua, as a credit-bearing course called Geography of Coffee. This page is for sharing what we have been learning on those tours..."


"Located half a block east of the Banpro, this well-established, highly-organized tour company has options for every kind of traveler. Chocolate and coffee lovers in particular will delight in tours that shed on light on how these delicious concoctions are produced. History buffs might go for the petroglyph tour in Chaguitillo, and the gold mine tour will also be of interest…"


"When looking for a full Nicaragua package or just for independent Travel Services like Information about special destinations or activities, accommodation, transportation or guides, Matagalpa Tours can be a great partner. Matagalpa Tours, besides visiting the classic Nicaraguan destinations,…"


"Matagalpa Tours, half a block east of Banpro (tel. 505/772-0108; www.matagalpatours.com), is the trekking expert for the area. They also conduct tours of the coffee farms and arrange overnight stays in nearby ecolodges..."


"Program Group: Labor Religion and Fair Trade. 28th June – 5th July 2009 …"