Office staff

Get to know our office staff and allow them to help you make your visit a memorable experience.


Arjen Roersma
Director of innovation and quality
After exploring many beautiful places in the northern part of Nicaragua, I realized that there wasn’t a company that offered tours to these destinations. I saw the need to found a tour operator and give travelers the chance to discover the beautiful jungles, landscapes, and people of this region.
I like the fact that Matagalpa Tours offers the perfect trip to travelers who are looking for a chance to learn about the culture and history of Nicaragua and who don’t mind spending the night in basic accommodations if it means having a real and authentic experience.
I´m very interested in creating community initiatives, such as supporting indigenous women artisans and producers, and I believe that it is imperative to invest in our own team, giving them a space for personal development.
Here at MatagalpaTours, we feel called to promote environmental education. It is from this calling that “Agualí” was born. Aguali is a program for children and young people, where we offer field trips, festivals, workshops, and other activities, all free of charge. Now, after ten years, this dream called Matagalpa Tours is continues to materialize before our eyes.


Freddy Membreño
Manager of Sales and Marketing
My passion for the past seven years has been traveling and exploring Nicaragua. I have learned about the flora and fauna and improved my abilities and knowledge as a tour guide. I deeply enjoy my job because it allows me be in contact with nature and the incredible people in the communities and rural areas, people who I learn from every day. I love bird watching and long hikes – both of which I do all the time, either for work or in my free time.
Apart from managing the area of marketing and sales of our company, I also coordinate the guide staff and manage their trainings, trips, excursions, and recreational activities.
Matagalpa Tours is more than a company; it’s a pleasant and fair-minded place to work, a place where I have had many opportunities to grow professionally and personally. Every day my desire to learn more about Nicaragua and its people is reaffirmed by working here.


Mirna Palma
Manager of Administration and Human Resources
I studied accounting and I have lots of experience working in private companies and financial institutions; however, I have always been interested in tourism. Before working here I volunteered for 14 years in social programs with adolescents and teens, throughout high school and the university.
Now in Matagalpa Tours, I’m in charge of human resources, administration of the company, accounting, and operations. I’m happy to have this opportunity, because I like the services we offer, the work environment, and most of all the fact that it’s a company that focuses on the development and well-being of all of its employees. Matagalpa Tours is special; it’s very different from other companies.
In my free time I like to play volleyball, but my favorite pastime is traveling and getting to know new places in and out of Nicaragua.


María Esperanza Medina
Operations and sales
I studied Sustainable tourism in UNAN Matagalpa, as well as English and French. I have been working for Matagalpa Tours for three years.
Matagalpa Tours is an excellent work environment; it is a company filled with friendly and open people who care about the welfare of the other team members. I’m in charge of operations, reservations, and sales, and I’m very happy to be working in my field and to have contact with tourists, which allows me to practice my language skills as well.
My passion is traveling and reading different kinds of books. My dream is to one day have my own tourism company, but for now I’m anxious to learn everything I can and gain all the experience I can so that one day my dream can become reality.


Ernesto Ocampo
Products and Sales Executive
For many years, I have been a Tour Guide for Matagalpa Tours, which allows me to do what I love the most: learning about natural history, having adventurous experiences, hiking, doing social-cultural activities and showing people the unexplored nature and the authentic culture of Nicaragua.
I also work designing products and assisting clients with their trip to Nicaragua. Matagalpa Tours has a staff anyone would love to work with. They are very talented, friendly people, but most importantly they are humanitarians and committed to a sustainable development through their work. That's why Matagalpa Tours is not just a company to me but a group of people that I share my passion with.
I am also one of the rafting guides, another way of enjoying nature and adrenaline.
I aim to be better in all my fields every day and also to be able to connect people with a unique experience during their visit to Nicaragua.


Nohelia Talavera
Tour guide and audiovisual marketing
I studied business administration, but above all I am an artist, an actress, a socio-cultural promoter and communicator. I develop programs for young people and children and I love working for my community.
In Matagalpa Tours I have participated in many different activities. I am the head of our environmental education program “Agualí”, through which we coordinate free tours for school children and work in cooperation with other organizations and local artists.
I help out with the audiovisual marketing and promotion of our company and as a guide I have had the opportunity to travel all around Nicaragua, meet people and learn their diverse stories and perspectives, explore forests, admire the work of artisans, learn about the coffee process, and enjoy sunrises and sunsets.


César Baltodano
Webmaster and IT Support
I studied information technology in UNAN Matagalpa, and I have worked in computer maintenance and web and program design for different purposes.
In Matagalpa Tours I am in charge of the IT office, performing different tasks such as website management and equipment maintenance.
Matagalpa Tours is made up of very talented individuals who are passionate about their job and who know how to work as a team. They are dedicated to making sure that all the travelers who visit us leave with unforgettable memories.