Guide staff

Come explore Nicaragua with our guides. With their diversity of abilities and interests, they will share with you their passion for the culture and history of our people and the wildlife of the places you visit.


Marlon Rivera
I have been working for Matagalpa Tours as a tour guide for 3 years. I also guide students from primary school on environmental tours with the Environmental education program “Agualí”, which is a program designed and sponsored by Matagalpa Tours. I like everything that I do in my work, and I really feel that it is the best job I have ever had.
I love reading and watching TV in my spare time and every day is an opportunity to enrich my knowledge and continue showing the beautiful landscapes of my city and the importance of farming in our region, in order to increase tourism.


José Tarcicio Estrada
I am a tour guide and a naturalist. I have been working for Matagalpa Tours for 5 years now.
I like to be in touch with nature and I have a special passion for reptiles, especially snakes. I like climbing, mountain biking, night tours and any activity that involves nature and adventure.
I like social justice and hope to see a change in the way people treat the environment; that's why each of my tours has a deep approach and thoughts on issues of conservation and love for the Earth.


Daniel Lira
I am a nature guide, a rafting guide, and a rural community guide for Matagalpa Tours.
For more than six years I have been dedicated to the beautiful work of teaching visitors about the lifestyle of rural Nicaragua and I love to show the artisanal and industrial process of coffee production. This is mainly because I myself grew up in a rural community and my parents both worked in the agricultural sector.
As part of the team of guides at Matagalpa Tours, I have learned a lot about our beautiful country and I have developed my abilities and knowledge of the art of guiding visitors through unique experiences. Every day I get the opportunity to improve and enrich my vocabulary in English.
My favorite tours are coffee tours, hikes, and rafting, and now I’m being trained in bird watching.


Freddy Membreño
My passion for the past seven years has been traveling and exploring Nicaragua. I have learned about the flora and fauna and improved my abilities and knowledge as a tour guide. I deeply enjoy my job because it allows me be in contact with nature and the incredible people in the communities and rural areas, people who I learn from every day. I love bird watching and long hikes – both of which I do all the time, either for work or in my free time.
Apart from managing the area of marketing and sales of our company, I also coordinate the guide staff and manage their trainings, trips, excursions, and recreational activities.
Matagalpa Tours is more than a company; it’s a pleasant and fair-minded place to work, a place where I have had many opportunities to grow professionally and personally. Every day my desire to learn more about Nicaragua and its people is reaffirmed by working here.


Ernesto Ocampo
For many years, I have been a Tour Guide for Matagalpa Tours, which allows me to do what I love the most: learning about natural history, having adventurous experiences, hiking, doing social-cultural activities and showing people the unexplored nature and the authentic culture of Nicaragua.
I also work designing products and assisting clients with their trip to Nicaragua. Matagalpa Tours has a staff anyone would love to work with. They are very talented, friendly people, but most importantly they are humanitarians and committed to a sustainable development through their work. That's why Matagalpa Tours is not just a company to me but a group of people that I share my passion with.
I am also one of the rafting guides, another way of enjoying nature and adrenaline.
I aim to be better in all my fields every day and also to be able to connect people with a unique experience during their visit to Nicaragua.


Nohelia Talavera
I studied business administration, but above all I am an artist, an actress, a socio-cultural promoter and communicator. I develop programs for young people and children and I love working for my community.
In Matagalpa Tours I have participated in many different activities. I am the head of our environmental education program “Agualí”, through which we coordinate free tours for school children and work in cooperation with other organizations and local artists.
I help out with the audiovisual marketing and promotion of our company and as a guide I have had the opportunity to travel all around Nicaragua, meet people and learn their diverse stories and perspectives, explore forests, admire the work of artisans, learn about the coffee process, and enjoy sunrises and sunsets.


Jerome Rodriguez
I have always been a big fan of the outdoors and nature, and since the day I started working with Matagalpa Tours I knew that I had found the right place to work.
Here I’ve learned a lot about animals, plants, birds, and biodiversity, and I’ve developed a strong interest in insects, amphibians, and reptiles. But the most important thing I’ve achieved in my job as a guide is a heightened sense of environmental awareness – the need to protect and conserve the environment that keeps us alive.
I like working with Matagalpa Tours because it’s a place where I feel like part of a family. Everyone works together in harmony; it’s an excellent example of teamwork.
If one day I have the opportunity to be your guide, you will realize that I’m a person who always has something to say, and if not, I always have a joke or two up my sleeve.


Keyner Reyes
I’m a new addition to the Matagalpa Tours team. As a recent graduate with a degree in Tourism, this was my opportunity to expand my knowledge and gain new and real experiences that help me to grow professionally and personally. I also firmly believe that giving tours is the best way to learn other languages; that’s why I’ve committed to continue learning and enriching my English.
I enjoy every minute that I spend in nature. I like plants, and I’m fascinated with the study and exploration of the mysteries of the animal kingdom. I’m also a big fan of adventure activities like camping, hiking, rafting, and rappelling.
I love tours that allow me to show Nicaraguan culture because every tour gives me a different experience. I feel like I’m an eternal student of all the lessons that Mother Earth has to offer.