Luisa Blandón
Tour Company Administrato
Luisa is one of the founders of Matagalpa Tours; she and Arjen began this dream of creating tourism in Matagalpa. She put a lot of love, passion, and effort into building what is today the pioneering leader of tour operators in northern Nicaragua.
Luisa is originally from Matagalpa, but now she lives in Holland with the love of her life and their little daughter. Nevertheless, she continues to collaborate with us from a distance, helping us with customer support, document writing, representation in European tourist fairs, and by always being available and willing to help.
Luisa is efficient and sincere, and is a positive leader with an incredible capacity for quick decision-making. All of this is complemented by her great sense of humor and pleasant disposition, reasons why we miss her still in our office.


Edwin Pineda
Graphic Designer
Edwin is responsible for all of the beautiful designs that represent our company: our logo, business cards, catalogs, banners, etc. Edwin is friendly, efficient, and passionate about his job, and he has a great capacity for translating ideas to images.
Though Edwin doesn´t have a physical space in our office, he is without a doubt a member of our team and we are pleased to have him as an active collaborator.


Andrés Alvarado
Nature Photographer and Guide
Andres has a profound love of nature. With the dream of making nature exploration his lifestyle, he entered the world of eco-tourism in 1995 in the nature reserve Monteverde of Costa Rica.
Andrés is a dear friend of Matagalpa Tours and a constant collaborator in the training of guides in areas such as guiding techniques, thematic interpretation, natural history, and bird watching. He is always willing to share his passion for adventure activities and photography.
The fact that Matagalpa Tours has such well-trained, knowledgeable, and passionate guides is in part due to Andres´ hard work.


Leonardo Max Aguilar
Botanist and naturalist guide
Leonardo is a botanist with a lot of experience as a guide specializing in plants. However, it is his passion for nature and the outdoors that makes him a true naturalist. Max –as he is known among friends – lives in Ciudad Colón, Costa Rica and is an expert in wild mushrooms and plants in general, though currently he is working on the innovation of kayak and raft building.
Max is another of our guide instructors, and he is always excited to share is knowledge without asking for anything in exchange. His teaching style is so passionate that he immediately infects the group with wonder toward common, everyday things.
Max collaborates with Matagalpa Tours through courses on plant identification and survival techniques.


La Moskitia Ecoaventuras
Tour Operator La Ceiba, Honduras
La Moskitia Eco-adventures is a tour operator that specializes in adventure activities in La Ceiba and la Mosquitia in Honduras. With more than 20 years of experience, they have been our mentors in training our white water rafting guides.
Our rafting guides received intensive training in the Cangrejal River in La Ceiba and later in Mino. A very experienced guide accompanied them to Nicaragua to finish their training in the Tuma River and in excursions in other regions.
It’s worth mentioning that our guides are the first to do white water rafting in Nicaragua thanks to the excellent training they received from La Moskitia Eco-adventures.


Larry Oporta
Environmental Education guide
Larry came to Matagalpa Tours through Aguali, our environmental education program. He participated in one of our workshops, and there he displayed a great enthusiasm and passion for topics like conservation, nature, birds, and environmental education guiding.
Since then, Larry has been one of our collaborators in all of the activities that we do with children and youth in Matagalpa, including workshops, festivals, hikes, and many other environmental education activities.
Larry also attends the university and is a volunteer in social organizations that help youth in his neighborhood.


Ervin Chacón
Environmental Education Guide
Erwin, like Larry, was a participant in an Aguali environmental education workshop and since then has collaborated with Aguali´s efforts, working as a guide for the program and as an organizer of cultural and ludic activities for children and youth in Matagalpa.
Ervin loves learning about nature and is very interested in studying the world of insects and wildlife in general. He is also very creative in planning tour activities for kids.
Apart from his love of nature, Erwin is an excellent painter, and has helped to create many of the murals found in different parts of Matagalpa.