With their lifelong experience behind the wheel, you can count on our chauffeurs to provide you with a safe and comfortable trip to any destination in Nicaragua or Central America.


Mario Talavera Cruz
Everyone knows me as Don Mario and I have been a chauffeur for Matagalpa Tours since it began.
For me the most important thing about my job is making sure that all the travelers who come to Matagalpa Tours feel safe and welcome in Nicaragua. That´s why I love to talk, share, ask questions, and if there is a language barrier, at least offer a smile and a helping hand.
I´m always ready and willing to work, and I know every road in this country like the back of my hand, so you can always count on me to get you safely to your destination.
Being a tour driver is a great job; sometimes it´s tiring, sometimes it´s pleasant, but it´s always a wonderful way to learn, teach, and share.


Tomás Montenegro
I have been a professional chauffeur since 1977 and I have experience driving all types of vehicles. All of my years of experience have allowed me to travel all over Nicaragua and really get to know every corner of the country. I´ve also driven for all kinds of people, and no matter their culture, age, religion, or beliefs, my trips are always successful and my passengers are always satisfied.
I´m pleased to work for Matagalpa Tours because it is a company that has put its trust in me and has allowed me to learn and grow in other areas of my life. Though I worked for many years in other companies, it was here that I learned the importance of my job; now I realize that for many visitors I am the first impression of the company.
Being a chauffeur for Matagalpa Tours means being knowledgeable about the country, having experience, and demonstrating kindness and responsibility.


Juan Ramón Matute
I have been working at Matagalpa Tours for more than four years and while I have been a chauffeur for many years, it is here that I have found true pleasure in my job.
What I like most about my job as a tour driver is the knowledge I’ve gained about all the beautiful places Nicaragua has to offer and the realization that my country has a lot to offer not only visitors but Nicaraguans as well. From the driver’s seat I can see how my job helps to raise awareness about the need to care for the flora and fauna and the environment in general.
This company has a great work environment and I feel happy with my job and my co-workers.